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Oct 12, 2020 | Web Designing

website designer in london

Website design is one of the most crucial parts of the business. So for obvious reasons, you need a good designer to make your brand famous, a designer who can think outside the box. Demand for website designers in London is increasing and if you are thinking that finding a good web designer in London is pretty simple, then you are wrong.

Finding a web designer in London who is right for you and understand your vision is becoming harder and harder. Great web designers get already get hired by designing and marketing agencies and most of those agencies have very expensive service plans.

Before finding an appropriate web designer in London, you should have some knowledge about web designing. Read the article till the end and prepare a list accordingly. And do not worry, as there are still great website designers in London who can help you to design an amazing website.

Also, whenever you need web design services in London, Techno Believe has got you covered.

So, so how you find a good web designer in London?

These are the best tips that we have made to help you to find a web designer in London.

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7 questions to ask yourself before hiring a web designer in London

1) A web design agency or a freelance web designer?

It’s obvious to think whether or not you should hire a web design agency or want a freelancer to set up your website. If you are a small business owner and not sure where to get started in online sales or products or services, then hiring a web design agency is recommended.

As agencies will have good experience as compared to a freelancer, they can guide you to set up a website model that can help you to take your business online.

For example, if you are setting up an online store, an agency can help you to set-up an ecommerce store as well as can provide you with important website plugins which will improve website’s user experience.

Agency can also provide you with their marketing services, which may help you in online sales and website traffic.

Therefore, make up your mind and select one which serves your purpose.

2) How much experience they have?

You should check their expertise in content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, HTML, etc. Ask them to provide you some sample work also.

3) Which one comes under your budget?

If you haven’t thought yet about how much you’re willing to pay for website design, this could be your first question for yourself. 

Web designers in London are among the top designers in the world. Even if you go with freelancers, they can charge you on hourly basis.

The size of your budget determines the class of websites. A simple portfolio website can cost £150 and the price can go high up to £1000 for a website made with modern tools. E-commerce websites can cost you anything from £300 to thousands depending upon the complexity of your website project.

Once you’ve set up your budget, then you will have a much better idea of what results to expect while finding a good web designer in London. 

4) Do they have good Portfolio?

While doing your research, make sure to check their portfolios.

Agencies fix up their pricing according to the brands and business they have worked with. As their portfolio keeps on adding up more big brands, their pricing will go up.

 But if you have already set up your budget then search for agencies or freelancers who are providing their services in that price and then look at their work.

If their designed website designs look modern and neat, you can consider them to design your website.

Taking a glance at their portfolios can help you to make a selection among web designers in London.

5) What their Testimonials says?

Always read client’s testimonials on their website. Those designers who have a lot of projects in their portfolios may provide great service for their clients. So testimonials can tell you how their client thinks of that freelancer or an agency.

Most of the time, people talk about the positive side of a company. When dozens of people comment positive in testimonial, it is a good sign that web designer takes client work seriously and can help you to design your website.

6) Do web designers in London provide additional services?

Having only a website may not bring customers to your business. You need to make sure that the website is visible on search engines like Google and people can easily search you there.

For this purpose, you need to set up tools like web master tools. You might also be needing SEO services which can rank you up higher in google search. 

If you select an agency for designing your website, check if they are also providing other services for your business. Few services to check are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blog Writing and Search Engine Marketing. 

Also ask designers if they can integrate social media platform and email marketing campaigns on your website.

7) Are they communicating well?

Whichever freelancer or an agency you choose to get your website designed, make sure they understand your requirements and are communicate with you to understand your vision.

A good web designer always understands your business goals and install proper tools on website that serve your business purpose.

In conclusion

We hope asking these questions to yourself will help you to find the right web designer in London.

Firstly, do proper research and check whether the designers you shortlisted have capabilities and ideas that match with yours or not. This will help you I making a final selection.

Always remember your website is your company’s face. 

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