How Responsive Web Design can grow your Business

Oct 7, 2020 | Web Designing

Over the years, responsive web design has become the need of everyone. If you still do not have a responsive design, you are really letting your audience dislike your website.

Just imagine, you open a website on your phone and what you get is super zoomed in and low-quality webpage.

You may definitely leave that website and look for another one. That is where responsive websites play a role and make your online presence better and give you a good quality result from your website.

Recently survey data shows that the mobile web has grown a lot and people now like to surf websites from their phones only.

Let us go deep into it,

So, what is Responsive web design? Why do you need it? What are the benefits and importance of responsive web design?

What is Responsive Web design?

Responsive web design means making your site flexible so that whether it looks like on the web, it also looks pretty on the Ipad and iPhone.

In simple words, it is a method of designing a website that provides a good visual experience across a wide range of devices from desktop to mobile and tablets.

This would be a helpful blog for those of you who are just getting started building websites whether it’s a design or development and make sure you have a firm grasp of the basics before you get started.

Do you miss the days of pinching and zooming in your mobile browser on old-school websites? Weren’t those were classy designs? Lol! I am just kidding. It was so bad to even imagine those designs now.

Firstly, you have to know about the difference between responsive and adaptive web design.

Responsive web design makes your website look good on every device. This web design has been designed to respond according to technology and the type of device that the user uses.

Adaptive web design, on the other hand, is just going to adapt to various sizes.

There is no problem with any of these. It depends on you which design you want to go for.

Why do you need a responsive website?

Nowadays, the users of the smartphone have grown very fast. In 2014, only 22% turned to their phone first to browse the internet. Only 20% of people even have a mobile.

Since the 4G and other technologies have come, people are using more mobile devices. Throughout the year, 4G subscriptions increased from 2.9 million to 23.8 million (approx).

Within a few years, mobile web has increased a lot and has overtaken the desktop and laptop web surfing.

Through this, you can imagine how sudden changes happen in the world. Because of this, it becomes a must to invest in responsive web design.

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Benefits and Importance of Responsive web design

Although there are many reasons, we do not want you to get bored reading all. We have taken the 6 most important reasons for selecting a responsive design for your website.

1. Google Recommended

This is one of the main reasons why you should have a responsive website. A few years ago, Google announced that having a responsive web design will improve the SEO and ranking of a website.

Google also prefers a single URL. It makes it easy to crawl and index content in your domain.

It improves user experience and good user experience is a really important factor to rank your website according to Google algorithms.

2. Easy to maintain

In 2018, when mobile browsing first time became a priority, the popular solutions involved having separate desktop and mobile sites. That used to take double maintenance and updates.

But, now it has become easier to maintain a website because of the single URL. Now the websites can be accessed from every device.

3. Improved Search Rankings

As you have read, Google stated that responsive design improves SEO, but Google also suggested that mobile-optimized responsive sites are certainly featuring in localized search results.

It has a vast significance to street retailers and local businesses, because a responsive design can improve their website ranking and help them in business growth.

4. Save Time and Money

Having a responsive website will save a massive amount of money and time.

It saves time as you don’t have to look for another web designer for a mobile website and also there will be less maintenance and

And it saves money because the cost for developing and maintaining one website is less than having two. You can invest that saved money elsewhere such as on SEO of the website.

5. Conversion rates

Lower bounce rate and good SEO ranking results in higher conversion rates.

When you mix user experience and seamless navigation between the pages of your website, then no one can stop you from getting success in the online world.

When you make your website which is easy to use for your audience and you provide them with valuable content that they are looking for, then they can get converted from audience into a customer.

6. Improve online presence of users

Responsive web design gives a better user experience on every device. Users do not have to zoom or shrink the text and images on the screen. The text and images get automatically adjusted on the screen of the devices. It makes it easier and convenient for users to read and navigate your site.

Here are some points why.

a) Google insights say that if a user comes on your site and does not see the content they want, then 70% chances they leave your site.

b) When the user has a good experience and is satisfied, then there is a 60% possibility that he or she will buy the product or service from your site.

c) According to Google, if your website does not load fast, then users feel that you are not caring about your business and won’t care about themselves too.

d) It helps to increase social shares and improves SEO score.

In Conclusion

Responsive web design plays a vital role. It has more value than dynamic web pages or another mobile web design. Another thing is that Google also prefers responsive websites so that Google’s robots can crawl it easily and improve the website’s SEO.

Finally, you learnt that responsive web design improves user experience and decreases the bounce rate of your website. It helps to make your website attractive and build a good image in user’s mind.

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