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A website can make your company into a sensational brand. A website is a medium where users go to check the authenticity of your company and make the decision to purchase your products or services.

At Techno Believe, we don’t just design websites, we design websites that convert (meaning a full sales-generating machine).

We design websites that convert your audience into your customers.

Gone are the days when you used to have a website just to show that you have a website. These days websites are so powerful that entire companies run just on a single website.

Take Facebook for instance or Amazon. The entire process runs through their websites only. We are sure you can think of 100s of businesses that run on just websites. Think of Netflix. Their website is their business. Or just think of your friends who started an online store and now are successful entrepreneurs.

It doesn’t really matter what business you are in. You have to understand that website is the heart of your business in this competitive market.

At Techno Believe, we use the power of data and art to carefully craft you a website that makes money for you, that brings new leads, and that makes more sales.

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Web Designing

WordPress Web Design

We use WordPress as a platform to design websites for our clients. WordPress lets us use a ton of plugins and widgets that helps us to create designs that can leave the audience stunned and make them do tasks for which your website was designed.

Our team also makes sure that when your website project is completed, you’ll have a masterclass on how to edit or modify the modules of your website. For example, if you want to publish a blog on your website, you would already know how to do that. Or if you want to change modify or edit content, you could easily do that yourself.

Web Services


What We Offer

Original Designs

Our web designers create something unique and classy for you that stands out in the competition.

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Responsive Design

Your website will be mobile as well as tablet friendly as mostly the traffic these days comes from these devices.

Easy Editing

We will also teach you the basics of how to edit and modify your WordPress website design so that you can modify the website content yourself too whenever needed.

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Fast Delivery

We aim to provide you with a classy and modern website within 7 days and an eCommerce website in 14 days.


Our Latest Work

Exotic Lane

Exotic Lane is an emerging lifestyle and body care brand which is bringing a new approach of hand-crafted body care and lifestyle products made using exotic herbs in India.

Exotic Lane’s online store is supposed to bring a new wave of handmade cosmetics to the Indian cosmetic market and the design of the website should make its audience feel luxurious.

Checkout Exotic Lane’s website

Stella MArbles Shop

Stella Marbles is London’s masked club kid. She is a mask designer, queer performance artist, artistic director, creative events producer and model.  As an artistic director and mask designer, Stella’s creative work has spanned the music, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industries, featured on catwalks and in press including Hunger Magazine, The Telegraph and House of Solo.

Recently Stella started her own online store and we helped her to design it by making it modern and giving it a simple and modern look.

Have a look at Stella’s website design


Blake is an extremely talented actor and designing a portfolio website was really a challenging project.

Blake wanted his website to be creative in sense of bright colors and out-of-box design. He wanted a website that would portray him more and makes it easy for directors and producers to select him for projects.

Our team worked on this approach and designed a website for Blake in a week for which Blake is getting lots of compliments too !!

Check out Blake’s Website Design

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Asmara Natural

Asmara Natural Growcare and Skincare is the liquid of spiritual growth, of true enchanted unaltered Afro-Caribbean hair and skin.

We designed their online store and did branding from scratch. We also handle Asmara’s Instagram marketing.

Checkout Asmara Natural Website Design

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